Get Your Phone Connected Fast With The Oppo A5S

If you are looking to buy an amazing gadget that would change your life, the Oppo A5S is definitely for you. This incredible mobile phone comes with powerful hardware, an incredible screen and a high definition camera. The Oppo A5S features an eight-megapixel rear camera and a 5.5 megapixel front camera. It also features a unique dual-mode technology which allows it to switch to the portrait mode automatically when switched on the auto-focus feature. Other notable features of the Oppo A5S include a high performance chipset, expandable memory, and an advanced user interface.

The Oppo A5S comes with a gorgeous display oppo a5s with a full resolution of 1440 x 2800 pixels and its powerful dual-core processor would enable it to easily perform tasks without interrupting the user experience. The phone is also loaded with plenty of memory and has a generous memory expansion to cater for different storage requirements. The Oppo A5S features an eight-megapixel rear camera and a five-megapixel front camera which enables it to capture high definition images and videos. To enhance the battery life of the phone, the handset comes with a Turbo Economy mode which will help in extending the life of the unit.

Apart from the impressive technology packed into the Oppo A5S, what stands out is its amazing design. The stylish black and white color schemes and the curves that appear on the sides and back make this one unique device. The Oppo A5S also features a unique feature – what it calls the “ractive display” which makes it easier for the smartphone users to read text messages and other details written on the handset’s screen. Despite the great features incorporated in the Oppo A5S, one of the most appreciated things about the device is the sleek and attractive appearance which makes it one of the most popular choices among all sorts of people.

Another remarkable feature present in the Oppo A5S is its True Color mode which makes it capable of converting the colors that are entered during image capturing into actual images. This amazing feature makes it possible for the smartphone to automatically detect the color of the image that is captured and convert them to actual colors. In addition to that, it is also capable of reducing noise that is prevalent during portrait mode using the front camera’s image stabilization. This feature however works only in certain situations such as night time when the low light level is prominent.

One of the major reasons why many people consider buying the Oppo A5S is its advanced Mediatek technology. The Mediatek engine allows the smartphone to perform several tasks such as detecting touch or pressure events and translating them into useful clicks. Thanks to this, you can easily launch your favorite apps without having to wait for long. However, the problem with the Mediatek engine is that it sometimes doesn’t react appropriately when it comes to low-light conditions. To solve this issue, the manufacturer has included the ColorOS 6.0 which is a derivative of the Mediatek system.

In terms of performance, the Oppo A5S performs well when it comes to features such as browsing, Internet use, gaming and general usage. With its True Color mode, you can easily enjoy clear pictures even in low light conditions. The phone’s built-in video recorder also offers impressive features such as recording videos at Full HD resolution. When it comes to music playback, the handset supports various music formats including the Mp3, iPod and WMA formats. If you wish to connect your smartphone to a larger network, then you can connect it to GSM modem using the OPLink adaptor.